This year, with Santa behind plexiglass, Christmas concerts via Zoom, and more online shopping than ever, the holiday season looks a little different, but we’re not letting that put a bah humbug in our holiday mood! Enjoy these five yoga poses to get into the Christmas spirit, have a little fun, and improve your strength and flexibility.

  1. Sugar Plum Fairy. Start in a standing position with your feet together. Bend one leg at the knee grabbing your foot with your hand. Begin to tip forward and reach your lifted foot up behind you. Feel like a beautiful, graceful dancer. …

Whether in-person, online, hybrid, or homeschool, back-to-school this year looks a bit different from what we’re all used to. This change in routine can create added stress for both parents and kids, therefore, I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to recenter, reactivate, and recharge our bodies and minds. Feel free to practice them with your child to create a sense of calm.

Take Two. Inspired by Giselle from Kids Yoga Stories, take two minutes at the beginning of each day to sit in total silence. …

One woman’s journey to finding happiness amidst misfortune and a global pandemic.

On September 18, 2018, we welcomed our second baby girl, “Ellie” into the world. From day one, we were smitten. She was an angel — 7lbs 12 oz, the most beautiful blue eyes, tiny pink fingers. She slept soundly, and she barely cried. She was perfect. And then, on her second day of life, we learned that she failed her newborn hearing screen.

The nurse informed us that often the tests were inaccurate and that it was common for babies born via cesarean to have a buildup of fluid in their ears. She was tested again before we left the…

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